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Welcome Into My World

“Made of dust, a moon fragment, millions stars and from the chaos. I reflect all the colors of a rainbow.

My mood changes like seasons do because Nature is like that, impermanent. While permanent into the flow of her cycles. I feel like a canal between the above and the below, daily tending to experience, trying to learn then grow, I’m just a flow-her, passionately turning my core to the light.

Trying to embody the values I received, trying to live in compassion with the outer World and my inner Universes. I love spending time scanning souls and embracing the most powerful energy: Love.

But don’t get me wrong... I’m not a lover of Love...

I’m not an activist, I belong to no church except the life one. I believe in empathy and injustice under any forms upset me but I don’t believe in reaction. I believe in actions... 
Those take their roots in another field than the one that is already rotten.

I love seafood, the smell of fuel arouses me, when I see a white feather falling from the sky I see it like a validation message from my angels. I do believe that the voice of truth is plural. I do feel that everything in the Universe is made of multiple contrasts singing in harmony.

One morning, I decided to stop surviving but to live, by telling myself that life is a huge theater in which we can play whoever we dream to be.

I’m probably mainly an actress for all these reasons, to explore the different forms of what it’s like to be a human, what it’s like to be alive” -

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